How to

Logging In

Enter you electronic mail.

You have to accept the rules of service use to continue the log in procedure.`

After logging in you have to confirm your electronic mail through the letter sent to your e-mail.

Upon confirmation of logging in you will switch to the home page.

KYC Procedure

After switching to the home page, please, click "Verify ID". It is necessary in order to make trading transactions.

After that, you will switch to the KYC procedure page

Specify your phone number (optional), nationality and country of permanent residence with address.

Finally, you have to attach a scanned copy of your passport or card of permanent place of residence (permanent resident card), your photo with the original copy of the attached document and a scanned copy of bank account statement / bill for municipal services.

Then, click "Verify ID". You will receive a confirmation of launching the KYC procedure by email.

Result of the KYC procedure will be sent to you later in a separate letter. Also, you can check status of the KYC procedure in your personal account in the Current Status field.

Upon completion of the KYC procedure, switch to your personal account and click "Set Password" to set a password to the trading terminal.

Deposit & Withdraw

Go to the "Deposit & Withdraw" tab.

Click "Deposit" to replenish the deposit account.

You will see an individual generated wallet for transferring your crypto assets.

Trading Transactions

Upon completion of the KYC procedure, you can make trading transactions. Go to the trading terminal to make trading transactions. Click "Trade room". You will have to undergo the authorization procedure again in the trading terminal.

Now you are in the trading terminal.

Your login is at the right top (it is highlighted in red in the photo).

Key elements on the screen:

Order book(leftward) - a table of orders for purchase and sale of crypto assets from the exchange users

Trading chart(in the center) - a graphic presentation of current and historical cost of crypto assets using candlesticks. It is possible to view it with a breakdown into different time intervals.

History of transactions(to the right from the chart) - completed transactions of the crypto exchange user are displayed.

New order window (to the right from the history of transactions) -

Open orders (to the right from the new order window) -

Selection of trading pair of crypto assets (at the left top) -

You can select which elements shall be displayed on the screen.

For this purpose click the button in the upper left corner of the screen.

Also, you can select location of the elements on the screen. For this purpose click the squareto the right from the logo.


To make a transaction, please, select one of the order types, amount of crypto asset and click BUY to purchase and SELL for sale.

There are three types of orders:

Market order- purchase and sale of assets at the market price. In this case, order price is not specified.

Limit Order- by this order you specify the maximum price, which you are ready to pay, or minimum price, which you are ready to receive for the asset at the exchange. The order with limited price helps you to make a transaction at the price, which won’t be worse than the price you have specified.

For this order you have to specify a fixed price of purchase and sale of crypto assets.

Stop Order-

In case of successful setting of the transaction you will see the following message "Order successfully submitted"

Upon completion of the transaction you will see the following message "Order completely filled"

If the amount of crypto assets is insufficient to make the transaction, you will see the following message "An error occurred while sending order"

Please, note that the “Green” messages disappear automatically. The “Red” messages (warning about errors) shall be closed manually.

Also, you can switch the background in the trading terminal using the "Day mode"/"Night mode" button.


Click "Order history" to view your transactions.