BANKEX Token Exchange

BANKEX, the leading global fintech company, has developed its very own BANKEX Token Exchange platform.
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Universal trading platform

Тrade tokens and cryptocurrencies, with support for more advanced asset-backed tokens as they become available . BANKEX Token Exchange will serve as a secondary market for tokens, supporting tZero tokens, ST-20 tokens, and BANKEX ERC-888 tokens with KYC verification
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Advanced features

BANKEX Token Exchange allows high frequency trading (HFT), executing hundreds of orders in microseconds and creating opportunities for algorithmic trading. The exchange allows API trading, which lets investors plan their strategy and requirements and executes from the broker’s end
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Best-in-class security

The trading platform stores funds in BANKEX Custody Service, an eminently secure cold storage depository.
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Risk-reduction options

In order to ensure a token’s liquidity and mitigate risk, BANKEX offers the opportunity to securitize tokens by combining them. This functions the same way that Brent Crude Oil Futures work.

None of the big players of the market offer a turn-key STO Framework that covers a token’s full life cycle — from business process digitization to token issuance that meets KYC/AML requirements to secondary market trading. BANKEX Token Exchange will undergo a brief testing period over the next few weeks to ensure optimal operation for all customers. Korean and Chinese interfaces are coming soon

A secure digital asset exchange with advanced trading features

Buy, sell, pool, and hedge with BANKEX Token Exchange